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If you are outside the city limits, call Butte County Animal Control at A list of animals at our shelter can be found on websites:. If you do not see your pet listed on those sites, please still contact the shelter, the websites listed above are often slow to update.

If you have found a pet, and are willing to house it until contact is made with the Shelter, you may do so. We encourage anyone doing this, to take the pet to a nearby veterinary office or the shelter, to have it scanned for a microchip. Please realize if you decide to keep the pet in your home during the 6 full business days holding period, you must report the pet to us, and you accept responsibility for it during that time. If your pet has been injured after normal veterinary business hours, there is a 24 hour Veterinary Clinic located in Chico. Yet only 50 to 60 percent of them ever connected to a sewer system, and just a quarter of all residents did.

Raw sewage was pumped directly into the sea, eventually turning the tourist experience toxic. Visitors complained about the aesthetics and worse still, their illnesses.

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The pollution was made worse by poor sanitation practices that left only one-third of the trash on the island picked up, while the population created 90 tons per day. Sea level rise caused more flooding, toxic algae blooms became common, and coral reefs were harmed.

Federal officials worked with local offices to shut it all down, and Boracay has been a ghost town since April. Some hotels and restaurants that failed to comply with environmental regulations are closed, and the ferries and airlines offer restricted service.

A Philippine paradise, lost and found, on Boracay Island

Wetland restoration and biodiversity protection is a priority, and electric tricycles are on the way. Were they still laughing at the offered discount? The mad rush? JF had once told me that everyone in Haiti laughs at his own panic. Haiti has been in such disarray over the past 15 years that one tends to forget the outside world when there. Within hours of arriving back in the Bay Area, I learned that during the 10 days I was gone, two young men had shot each other at 1 o'clock in the afternoon by MacArthur BART station one street over from where I live.

And then the news reached me that the arm of a colleague of mine at St.

Paradise Lost and Found

Mary's College had been spotted in the backseat of his car. When the police pulled back some boxes and blankets, they found his bludgeoned body. They arrested the man they had spotted next to the car. He was a former friend of my colleague; he had just gotten out of prison. Photo: Leslie Jean-Bart. Caption Close. Image 1 of 1.

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