PDF Julius Streicher: Nazi Editor of the Notorious Anti-semitic Newspaper Der Sturmer

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Adele Tappe m. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Play media. Like Fleischmann, other outraged German Jews defeated Streicher in court, but his goal was not necessarily legal victory; he wanted the widest possible dissemination of his message, which press coverage often provided.

Building Hatred from a Firm Foundation: Antisemitic Propaganda in Nazi Germany

The rules of the court provided Streicher with an arena to humiliate his opponents, and he characterized the inevitable courtroom loss as a badge of honor. In Germany, press reaction to the trial was highly critical of Streicher; but the Gauleiter was greeted after his conviction by hundreds of cheering supporters, and within months Nazi Party membership surged to its highest levels yet. He had a strong sexual appetite, which occasionally got him into trouble with the Nazi hierarchy.

Julius Streicher : nazi editor of the notorious anti-semitic newspaper Der Stürmer

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The Man Who Entertained Germans With Vile Antisemitic Propaganda – The Wisdom Daily

Overy, Richard J. Goering: The Iron Man. London: Routledge. Radlmeier, Steffen A large number of these unsubstantiated reports came from dedicated Nazis, but many also came from ordinary people seeking to avenge themselves for a perceived wrong. Fips also drew many cartoons attacking Jewish capitalism and the perceived link to communism, but he was perhaps most enjoyed for his artwork detailing "ritual murder" and "kosher butchering" in and attempt to portray Jews as heartless and cruel.

One cartoon caption from the July edition stated:. It is atrocious. And unwillingly, he is reminded of the crimes which the Jews have committed for centuries on men.

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He will be reminded of the ritual murder. History points out hundreds of cases in which non-Jewish children were tortured to death. They also were given the same incision through the throat as is found on slaughtered animals. They also were slowly bled to death while fully conscious".

Rather than the usual rants against the evils of the Jews, the paper began to call for the annihilation of the Jewish race. A punitive expedition which will provide the same fate for them that every murderer and criminal must expect. Death sentence and execution. The Jews in Russia must be killed. They must be exterminated root and branch. Dispatch time is working days from our warehouse. Book will be sent in robust, secure packaging to ensure it reaches you securely.

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