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Crochet Plarn Sleeping Bag Design

The number of bags required for each ring varies with its size, and how tightly you braid. For example, the inner brown ring has 9 bags, the middle brown ring has 29 bags, and the outer brown ring has 33 bags.

To make usable strips, you must cut and fold each bag. The bags are cut along both side seams through the handles. This is the easiest way to get the bag to lay flat, and it also requires the least amount of cuts. Once the bags are cut, you lay the bag open with the original outside Pretty side of the bag down. You then fold the long cut edges inward until the whole strip is about 2 inches wide.

The bags will try to unroll, but laying them on the back of chair seem to help keep them in the right shape.

7 Ways to Make Rag Rugs

If you have extra-large bags or bags that are a thicker material, you can divide those bags lengthwise parallel to the original side seam cuts to make extra strips. If you do not know how to braid, the following Instructable seems to be rather educational, How To Braid.

I first started by tying the first three strips together.

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I then placed a rather heavy dictionary I have onto the knot, and then started braiding. To make my rug, I braided the initial center white spot. The center is only three strips bags so it didn't take very long. Be sure to leave a tail for each strip.

Make Your Own Reusable Dish Scrubber

This is where you will tie on the next bag. It is actually better if the tails are different lengths because it will force the continuing knots to be in different places. To begin forming the braided bags into a rug, you have to lay the braid in a spiral pattern. As you lay the braid down, use straight pins to temporarily hold the spiral together. It may be better for you to practice this step first. I first learned this fusing technique from an instructable similar to this one, Plastic Bag Fabric.

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Once you've pinned the bags into the proper spiral, you're ready to fuse the backing on. The backing is simply another plastic bag split open. You should have a large enough sheet so that there is overlap all around. First, put the spiral pin-side down on an iron safe surface. Then lay your sheets of plastic bag s over the back of the spiral. Note I put the sheets ink side down so that the ink didn't have a chance to transfer to any other surface.

Then lay the wax paper on top of the plastic sheet. The plastic bags will melt to the iron! Be sure to only iron on the wax paper Then iron only on the wax paper for a short time. The time will vary depending on the thickness of each bag. After you pull away the iron and the wax paper, give the rug a minute or so to cool and harden. If you try to move it around while the plastic is still molten, you may ruin the fusing.

Leave all of the overlap, when you continue the spiral the backing will already be partially in place. As you continue braiding, pinning, and fusing there are some things you should be aware of. The bags will cinch up pretty tight, so most knots will work. It is much better if the tails of each bag come at different times.

How to turn mixed plastic waste and bottles into ecobricks

When you go to tie the next bag on, your knot will make a tiny bump along the braid. This bump is pretty much invisible, unless all three knots happen at the same time. If necessary, cut the bag strips so that the tails are different lengths. After the initial cutting, the knots should fall at different times.

Once you reach then end of your rug, you simply tuck the last tails under the the rest of the rug and continue with the fusing process. Once you've fused the rest of the spiral, and the last tails, you can trim the excess backing off. I happen to see design in many things, even crochet. Crocheted toys are 3D objects, which in it's simplest form, is what I do for a living I design 3D and 2D for that matter objects.

Mandy O’sullivan | Scribd

When I design a crocheted toy, I follow the same process that I follow when I'm designing a factory-manufactured product or retail fixture. I start by sketching ideas, refining those ideas until I come upon one that works. I then deconstruct it to figure out how it needs to be made. I must consider the possibilities and limitations of my the materials, and carefully consider how the whole thing will be constructed.

The only difference is that in the end, I am creating every shape by hand with a hook and a piece of yarn.

Crochet T Shirt Yarn Rug - How to & tips - Crochet Tutorial

An illustrated step-by-step guide to making paving tiles from plastic waste such as plastic bags, plastic film and water pouches. This tried-and-tested technique is very low-cost and helps keep plastic waste out of the environment.

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