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Read on to find out. As the story goes, in Roscoe Kent Fawcett commanded his crew to create a character like Superman, only with an identity of a boy aged 10 to This wording would come back to haunt the company many times over. Editor Ralph Daigh turned the project over to writer Bill Parker, who, legend has it, originally wanted to craft a team of six heroes, each with a different power, led by Captain Thunder.

Daigh suggested turning them into one hero instead, and Parker complied. A few rewrites were in order. In February , the book officially hit newsstands under the title Whiz Comics 2 , and its cover character officially renamed Captain Marvel. That initial story set up the legend ardentfans know - orphan newsboy Billy Batson is summoned down a mysterious subway tunnel, past statues of the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man Greed, Hate, Laziness, etc.

It was a concept no kid could resist. People just recognize that red outfit and that lightning bold instantly. And I think that represented a very honest and tangible version of that. Just a really, simple, great concept. Dave Chappelle was saying it on his show. How many times in our lifetime have we seen generic parody superheroes, whether in an advertisement or anywhere, with a lightning bolt on their costume? The lightning bolt has almost become the generic symbol for a superhero, and it has its roots in Captain Marvel.

Sivana, Mr. As a kid, I loved that idea of a magic word that could turn you into a superhero. There was one that was the second-to-last chapter or so of the Mr. Mind serial, and there was another I found in a barbershop where he went into an anthill. However, Durgan is at the newly minted city hall, which is made of the same shoddy materials that Tim Strange saw on the construction site. Rocketing off to the new structure which is being inaugurated before a crowd in front of it, Bulletman decides to push on beams in order to demolish it before any innocents enter the faulty facade.

Exposing Durgan for his money hording practices, he jets off. Bullet Buddies: It was said previously that Bulletman has "telescopic vision", thanks to his miracle serum. The Sarge and Susan could use some of it themselves, as they can't recognize that the helmeted hero they are speaking to is the same man in the lab coat they see every day!

However, Sergeant Kent acknowledges for the first time that Jim Barr's observation of the concrete was correct, which indicates that he is at least becoming aware that the lab tech is m ore than meets the eye. Rocketing Romance: Susan now has a new man in her life, and one she appears to be interested in.

Or at least someone she can fawn over as leverage over Jim to get him to finally notice her. Bedeviling Bulletman : Durgan is by far the least imaginative of the featured foes thus far.

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Tearing down the new city hall, like a modern day Samson! Is there a cap to his strength, or is the "sky the limit"! We are entering into the final days of this title. Labels: Bulletman , Jim Barr , Sgt. Tied to an honorary member of the Fawcett Family, as we shall see. One of the iconic heroes in comic book history has to be the stretch sleuth known as Plastic Man, created by legendary writer Jack Cole. And a desired property for other publishers, particularly DC Comics which acquired the Quality Comics character. So in Plas was reintroduced, or rather it turned out to be his son.

Then, the original turned up in a couple of early 's Brave and the Bold issues teaming up with Batman. But was this the original?

Fawcett Comics

And what became of his son? Intermixed, he was affiliated with at least three teams of champions of three Earths! Once the dust cleared and time helped place things in perceptive, a few facts were made somewhat clear. The initial incarnation of Plastic Man resided on Earth-Two, home to most golden age heroes. Around this time, an inventive crook created synthetic Plastic Men to bedevil the original.

Even Woozy Winks became a stretchy sidekick accidentally and helped his pal to defeat them. It was the latter that finally motivated Plastic Man to journey with fellow heroes from Earth-Two to this hero-less world to protect it from the Nazi hordes. Sadly, this journey was not kind to this incarnation of Plastic Man, as alluded to by Uncle Sam's cryptic comments decades later.

#25: The Run — Heineken (2005)

And yet, acording to his "Who's Who" entry, this golden age Plastic Man still survived into the present day even though he was thought deceased on Earth-X! During the Convergence event that pulled various cities and their heroes to a planet outside space and time, Plastic Man along with you fellow Freedom Fighter battled the Nazi villain Silver Ghost. During the conflict, Plas and the Ghost formed an uneasy alliance to track down the origin of deadly cyborgs threatening the citizens of their displaced New York City.

After a final battle when the Ghost betrayed his foe turned ally, Plastic Man was left outside and separated from the Fighters. Where this version of the hero ended up in the multitude of cities on Telos is hinted at in an encounter Plas would have with Kid Eternity.

He didn't return to Earth-Two, as the Senate hearing that tried the Justice Society in the 's said that Plastic Man disappeared in the 's. He would travel to a city originating on an Earth where he settled down and sire a son in his image! The Earth-One Plastic Man first appeared chronologically alongside the Justice League of America in their origin story and later team up with that world's Batman in Brave and the Bold, then would go on to have solo tales in the 's in his own title, Super Friends Adventure and World's Finest Comics!

This pliable protector found a foe in the young Robby Reed, the possessor of the H-Dial, enabling him to "Dial 'H' for Hero" which he did over a dozen times in his brief career. Twice Robby become a clone of Plastic Man. The extra Plastic replicants mirrored those created by Doom Patrol adversary Gaurgax. Then there was the wacky 's son of the original, Eel O'Brien Jr. This Eel existed contemporaneous to the Inferior Five, who were said to reside on Earth-Twelve, on that parallel world prone towards comedic circumstances.

However, despite being a second generation hero like the Five who themselves were the offspring of the golden age Freedom Brigade Junior did not deem it worthy of joining them. While this may, on the surface, seem similar to when Earth-One's Robbie Reed used his Dial "H" for Hero device to transform into the malleable manhunter himself on two occasions, this was the Eel O'Brien from the Kid's Eternity dimension attached to Earth-S. It was this Plastic Man's exploits in the middle to latter part of the 's that were being chronicled in his own self-titled comic and in Police Comics, as mentioned in this particular story Additionally, Blackhawk had tales in his own series during this time and also aided Kid Eternity on occasion.

As with Plastic Man, it seems Blackhawk These heroes continued to operate into the mid 's on this world as chronicled in their Quality Comics tales. Indeed, this legend stretched himself quite thin, in a sense And we aren't even counting the dozens of synthetic Plastic Men that one of the original's foes created in the early 's on Earth-Two. Labels: Plastic Man. Thursday, August 16, Mr. Hyde - The Hummer - Mr. Scarlet Meets Blackbeard Wow Comics 4. With this issue, Mister Scarlet joins a large fraternity of superheroes with a sidekick.

The first, of course, was Batman, who was joined by Robin in March of Then, there was Speedy, who debuted alongside his mentor Green Arrow in September of , and Sandy, whose first case alongside Sandman was in October Of course, Wing was the junior chauffeur of his employer, both in his boss's civilian and costumed identities, and would later adopt a uniform like that of Crimson Avenger's.

Star-Spangled Kid was already around but since it was his adult chauffeur who was his sidekick, that doesn't exactly count. And these were only kids who teamed up with older established heroes. Many costumed and non-costumed adults also befriended costumed crusaders during this formative era in superheroics.

While Pinky first appeared in October , as he and his guardian took on the Death Battalion of Mister Scarlet's former foes, the lad's chronological first appearance was in Winter of In this origin tale, Pinky seems to be living a happy childhood raised by his widowed mother, until a madman named Mister Hyde breaks into their home and slays her. Immediately thereafter, special prosecutor Brian Butler and his secretary Miss Wade are charged with finding him suitable guardianship, initially with an orphanage.

However, after several days there, one of Pinky's instructors The man-monster's next prey was Gotham City's mayor within his home, although Mister Scarlet corners the bestial baddie. Chasing him to the nearby orphanage, when Scarlet leaps over the home's wall in pursuit of Hyde, instead he finds Jelke who states he saw no one rush by him. However, Pinky lives up to his future nickname as the Whiz Kid, piecing together from a monocle left behind that his instructor secretly is carrying on another life. Assembling a remarkably similar costumed to that of his hero, Pinky seeks to track down Mister Hyde and avenge the death of his mother.

But he is delayed by Mister Scarlet himself, who joins him in battling the villain. Together, after an initial reversal, this new Dynamic Duo defeat Mister Hyde. Reverting to his true identity as Jelke, he drinks poison rather than be captured. Towards the end of this initial adventure, Pinky deduces that Butler and Scarlet are one in the same, which the attorney later accidentally confirms. Miss Wade forms a motherly attachment to the lad, and will frown on his costumed career.

On their next case together, Pinky already wants to becoming his mentor's full time sidekick. Of course, Miss Wade chastises the boy as being a mystery man is a dangerous occupation for someone of his age. Meanwhile, a convicted killer is released from prison, and seeks revenge on the attorney who locked him away. Soon after, he seeks out that attorney's former secretary, Miss Wade herself.

Mister Scarlet saves her life, although when Miss Cherry sees the lad she makes him promise not to pursue the criminal known as the Hummer. However, Pinky is not dissuaded from trying to bring in the Hummer whom he runs across on the street, although the villain is able to overpower the lad and then holds he and Mister Scarlet hostage as a result. Escaping a near watery death, tied to the base of a pier at high tide, the crimson crusaders tackle Hummer together Although Miss Wade pieces together that Pinky is disobeying her!

When the evil Bluebeard and his pirate gang attempt to kidnap Mrs.

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Van Hoff, their plans are disrupted by the actual Scarlet and Pinky who are still wearing their masquerade gear. After pursing Bluebeard, with Pinky saving a captured Mister Scarlet before the pair overpower the scurvy dog, it is revealed that the arch pirate is the Van Hoff's cousin Tom! A new adversary catches the attention of police scientist Jim Barr and his alter ego. Sergeant Kent is sure that a man named Tanner, who is scheduled for execution, is not guilt of the crime.

Although Jim agrees with his supervisor, Kent scoffs at any aid that Barr may give him. However, Jim's number one cheerleader Susan is very confident that the object of her obvious affection is astute enough to provide convincing evidence. And sure enough, Jim discovers that blood on Tanner's clothes did not originate from the murder victim. But the clock is ticking Donning his costume and trademark helmet, Bulletman rockets across the state to the governor's house in order to present this evidence to him. After an initial shock, the governor reviews the materials provided to him by the "Robin Hood of Crime", and verified Bulletman's claim.

However, the politician is unable to contact the prison warden where the innocent man's execution is to take place. Jetting to the prison, Bulletman leaves the evidence with an official there, but since the falsely accused man is already strapped into the execution chair, there is no time to waste.

Ditto Enterprises TV and Movie Items

Ripping metal bars of solid steel from a window to enter the facility, then bursting through a metallic door, yanking the electrocution chair from its foundation, then breaking through another high security door, Bulletman and Tanner escape. Bulletman decides to leave Tanner out in the open in order to draw out the culprits behind the scenes of these strange circumstances.

Realizing that the mayor of the city is acting odd of late, Bulletman deduces that this will reveal not only who is behind this crime but their motive. However, the mystery mastermind is one step ahead of his aerodynamic adversary, and lure the hero to a dead body dressed up as Tanner tied to some explosions. The detonation drops Bulletman into a deep well, which the hoodlums fill with rocks to bury him alive. Turning on his Gravity Regulator Helmet, Bulletman frees himself from his underground tomb.

Forcing a confession from one of the hoods, he is led to an abandoned house where Tanner is being kept. Once more, a trap is set wherein some more henchmen spray our hero's face with gas that knocks him out. Frozen within a block of ice, Barr hears the plaintive cry of the framed victim who is tied to a furnace that is slowly burning him alive!

Nudging his helmet controls against a hose through supreme effort, Bulletman frees himself and Tanner, ripping the massive furnace from the floor! B-Man flies Tanner to the rooftop of city hall. Meanwhile, Susan Kent has inexplicably been asked to deliver a message to the man she believes to be the Mayor.

Undoubtedly, this is a message as to Tanner's innocence, sent by her father. Though why the Sarge sends his daughter rather than one of his officers or himself is mystifying, and indicates that she has some official capacity in the police force. Probably explains why she's always hanging out at the police lab.

America's Greatest Comics #8

Sure enough, busting into his office, the Scott that is sitting at his desk is in a drugged and lethargic state. In an adjacent room is the fake Scott is holding Susan hostage, although he isn't fast enough for his opponent as Bulletman quickly separates him for Miss Kent and knocks him out. Then, he finally asks Tanner why this faux-mayor wants him dead as he knows too much. Turns out, Tanner is a plastic surgeon forced to make this crook look like the politician in order to assume his identity, thereby obtaining power in the city which is gang would benefit from. The criminal verifies this claim, but won't admit to not being the real Scott.

Rashly, Bulletman rockets his foe to a large clock tower high above the city, hanging by the hour hand. Then, he jets down to the streets below and interrupts a broadcast while grabbing the reporter. Bringing him up to the clocktower as well along with the journalist's radio transmitting equipment, Bulletman records a confession given by not-Scott for the world to hear. Bringing both men back to city hall rooftop, Bulletman speeds away as Susan cries out "Wait a minute! Who are you? Back at police lab, a fawning Susan and her father are both glowing in their praise of Bulletman, while Jim states his doubt in the existence of the hero as having never seen him.

He can get away with this defense, as even those who do see Bulletman don't recognize his real identity. Will this continue, or is change in the air?

Bedeviling Bulletman : Not-Scott is a typical crook yet has some impressive technology. Still not clear indication as the the Gravity Regulator Helmet's mystery controls. And now he has telescopic vision? Expect this to tone down soon. Our first of three tales involves a crackpot inventor who invents a powerful weapon he labels a "mummy ray".

Well, as he zaps a poor carousing cat outside his window, it turns into a lifeless skeletal mass. Excited as to he prospects of this new deadly device, the inventor.. Phineas Cox Hewitt chases his volatile visitor away, impelling Cox to cry out that he will show the country the power of his device. Later, we see a poor damsel strolling on the way to who knows where, and gets zapped by the mummy ray, held by the masked marauder known as the Black Thorm.

Why her, why there, why at that time However, this makes him a threat which Brian Butler hears broadcast over the radio. Through some unspecified detective work, the prosecuting protector of the powerless tracks Black Thorn first to a bank housing defense funds and an armory, each guarded by the next victims of the Ray.

In the first confrontations, Black Thorn uses his headpiece to knock the wind out of his adversary. It appears during their next encounter that Black Thorn has slain the crimson crusader, but in actuality it was a spare costume draped on one of the former guards which Scarlet uses to lure the villian out in the open. A rematch leads to Mister Scarler knocking out his opponent. Unmarked, the Thorn is revealed as Hewitt, who stole Cox's ray to use against America. This will be the core concept of Black Thorn's return, alongside other freakish foes. Saturday, August 11, Marvel Comics Before there was "Marvel Comics".

At the present time, the powerhouse in comic books is Marvel Comics, in no small part due to their dominating box offices in theaters around the world. But there was a time when a different "Marvel Gang" gave Superman and his Super Friends a run for their money, from printed page to studio serials. Beginning with Whiz Comics and its most famous creation, dozens of series were spawned from this success, each capitalizing on masked mystery men.

Two of those heavily featured in the early days were Bulletman and Mister Scarlet. The former headlined Nickel Comics and moved over to Master Comics when his first title folded, while the latter headlined Wow Comics with multiple tales each issue at the start. Though neither of these colorful crusaders had a movie serial of their own, like others in their fictional universe such as Captain Marvel, Spy Smasher and Captain Midnight, there presence was still strong.

More so with Bulletman, whose popularity spawned a self-titled comic of his own. Were it not for a war between their publisher, Fawcett Comics, and their main rival in National DC Comics, it could have been these two heroes and their partners whom you would see in movie near you. Labels: Bulletman , Mister Scarlet. Once more, Jim "Bullet" Barr is keeping a keen eye on potential or realized crimes It seems both he and his arch-enemy read the same paper, since they each draw the same conclusion that each other will be present for a diamond shipment, Blackmask to steal it and Bulletman to stop him.

But since the former is really Steven Doone, publisher of that's paper, there is no reason for him to pursue such ill-gotten gains as he would be wealthy as is. See, Blackmask is all about power and gaining it through his underworld activities. But Bulletman wouldn't know that, or would he? He would become known as the Flying Detective eventually, so he could piece it together. But not quite yet as he is a social crusade at this point. Throughout this tale, Blackmask's goal is to eliminate the mystery man who twice crushed his crooked capers.

To that end, Bulletman is led through a series of tests to his endurance and will. First, at the locale of the diamond shipment, our flying friend sees a seemingly lifeless body dresses as a guard outside. In fact, it is a dummy that lures him close enough to breath in knockout gas which knocks him out. Awaking to new shoes on his feet, made of concrete, he is hurled over the side of a ship into the ocean. Yet with a combination of his miraculous Gravitu Regulating Helmet and his sturdy physique, he is able to propel himself out of the drink and onto the autogyro that his adversary's hoods are piloting.

Grabbing a radio receiver from one of them, he locates Blackmask's lair. However, Blackmask had planned for this contingency, and has poison gas flood the room they are in, which temporarily effects Bulletman while the arch criminal escapes.

America's Greatest Comics #8

Seeing that this likewise has no lasting effect of the hero, the mastermind removed his hood and as Mr. Doone tricky Sergamt Kent and his daughter to join Jim for a car ride, kidnapping them. Again, using the radio antennae he grabbed from that henchman, Bulletman followed Blackmask to another site also laid with snares for the superhero. First hydrochloride acid. The electrical shocks transmitted from a hanging device.

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When neither of these stopped the Avenging Artillary, Blackmask used a tank! That's okay, Bulletman trumped him with a tower of cars he stacked on top of it. Although maybe not if they got their news from his paper, the Trumpet. Whatever Doone's endgame was, it was never revealed to the reader. Wondering how Kent treats the rest of his officers? Or a personal life of any sort?

Soon, she will. Bedeviling Bulletman : For his third and final felonious foray, Blackmask goes all out this episode. With a poison gas, an autogyro, hydrochloride acid, electrical stun projectors, our villain really tries three times to risk himself of his foe. Alas for our antagonist, not only are his schemes squashed but his civilian identity is revealed. Powerful Projectile: The germ destroying serum is amping up Bulletman's strength big time!

Despite being fitted with concrete goloshes that sink him into the sea, he is able to lift them aloft partially due to his helmet. Still, the stress that would out on normal legs would've torn them clean in two, hence some significant bone and muscle mass is evident. And the stack of cars he lays in a pyramid is a testament to his treatment.

The Gravity Regulator on his helmet apparently is controlled by a control panel on the front plating. This would change over time, and would his strength or lack thereof to fit the story. Fawcett Facts: We are only months away from Bullet meeting some of his contemporaries. Older Posts Home.