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Sung in Italian. Pessin Stefan, Jr. Studios: Universal Studios, Republic Studios. Filming dates: Aug-Oct New York premiere: 28 April Helsinki premiere: 14 Oct Elysee, distributed by Oy Filmiseppo.

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First telecast: 30 Sep Yle TV1. VET No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Search This Blog. About Me Antti Alanen Helsinki, Finland An irregular notebook and scrapbook of rough notes on films and related matters. View my complete profile. Eric Dolphy Kulttuuritalo Clark Terry, mod.

Norman Granz, Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki Cover art by Juhani Linnovaara. European Progressive Jazz in Germany The Tender Gender.

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Louis Blues Jazz on Film: Biopics 4. The Complete Sessions. Master Takes. Other Favourites Antikka. Hard Luck Lobster Films reconstruction with La rabbia di Pasolini hypothetical reconstru In one instance in which the scale was translated into Polish , researchers translated it directly back into English, and presented English speakers with both the English and English-translated Polish version. When taking both versions, the scores obtained from both had negligible differences, insinuating that the context and meaning were retained.

Recent research conducted by the British Council [] ties a strong relationship between language and resilience in refugees. Their language for resilience research conducted in partnership with institutions and communities from the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas claims that providing adequate English-learning programs and support for Syrian refugees builds resilience not only in the individual, but also in the host community.

Their findings reported five main ways through which language builds resilience: home language and literacy development; access to education, training, and employment; learning together and social cohesion; addressing the effects of trauma on learning; and building inclusivity. The language for resilience research suggests that further development of home language and literacy helps create the foundation for a shared identity.

This enhances resilience by providing a shared culture and sense of identity that allows refugees to maintain close relationships to others who share their identity and sets them up to possibly return one day. Thus, identity is not stripped and a sense of belonging persists. Access to education, training, and employment opportunities allow refugees to establish themselves in their host country and provides more ease when attempting to access information, apply to work or school, or obtain professional documentation.

Learning together encourages resilience through social cohesion and networks. When refugees engage in language-learning activities with host communities, engagement and communication increases. This creates a sense of belonging with the host communities alongside the sense of belonging established with other members of the refugee community through home language. Additionally, language programs and language learning can help address the effects of trauma by providing a means to discuss and understand. Especially in schools, language learning establishes safe spaces through storytelling, which further reinforces comfort with a new language, and can in turn lead to increased resilience.

The fifth way, building inclusivity, is more focused on providing resources. This overall addressing of needs feeds back into the increased resilience of refugees by creating a sense of belonging and community. Additionally, a study completed by Kate Nguyen, Nile Stanley, Laurel Stanley, and Yonghui Wang shows the impacts of storytelling in building resilience. This study in particular showed that those who were exposed to more stories, from family or friends, had a more holistic view of life's struggles, and were thus more resilient, especially when surrounded by foreign languages or attempting to learn a new language.

Brad Evans and Julian Reid criticize resilience discourse and its rising popularity in their book, Resilient Life. Tied to the emergence of neoliberalism , climate change theory, third-world development, and other discourses, Evans and Reid argue that promoting resilience draws attention away from governmental responsibility and towards self-responsibility and healthy psychological affects such as "posttraumatic growth". Another criticism regarding resilience is its definition. Like other psychological phenomena, by defining specific psychological and affective states in certain ways, controversy over meaning will always ensue.

How the term resilience is defined affects research focuses; different or insufficient definitions of resilience will lead to inconsistent research about the same concepts. Research on resilience has become more heterogeneous in its outcomes and measures, convincing some researchers to abandon the term altogether due to it being attributed to all outcomes of research where results were more positive than expected.

There is also controversy about the indicators of good psychological and social development when resilience is studied across different cultures and contexts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Resilience disambiguation. Main article: Grit personality trait.

See also: Compensatory education. Stress and Health. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.

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M Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science. Journal of Clinical Psychology. Children's Institute, University of Rochester. Retrieved 30 March Part 1. Conceptual models and research methods". Schizophrenia Bulletin. Vulnerable but invincible: a longitudinal study of resilient children and youth. Development and Psychopathology. Cicchetti Ed.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Poverty and children's adjustment. Gordon Eds. Reich, A. Hall eds. The Resiliency Advantage , pp. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Peters, B. McMahon eds. New York: Kluwer. Am J Psychiatry. Current Psychiatry Reports. Clinical Psychologist. Indian Country Today. Retrieved May 28, The Road to Resilience.

Reich; Alex J. Guilford Press. Family Relations. The Journal of Psychology. The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine. J Pers Soc Psychol. J Int J Psychophysiol. Am J Surg. Journal of Research in Personality. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology. Journal of Adolescence. International Journal of Social Psychiatry. Archives of Women's Mental Health. September Journal of Health and Social Behavior. Journal of Lesbian Studies. Retrieved Resilience in development. Lopez Eds. London, England: Oxford University Press. Current Directions in Psychological Science.

Collins Ed.

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The role of demographics, resources, and life stress". Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Field Manual No. The Guardian. Retrieved 3 February Journal of Youth and Adolescence. Build your Resilience. London: Hodder. Hudziak ed. American Psychologist. Luthar Ed. Indian J Psychiatry.

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Comprehensive Psychiatry. Archived from the original on March 12, Archived from the original on Exceptional Children. Retrieved 21 June The Washington Post. Wolin, M. Random House Publishing Group. Cicchetti and D. Cohen Eds. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley and Sons. American Behavioral Scientist. Educational Resilience in Inner Cities. Adolescent Development in the Context of Urban Poverty", pp. Luthar ed. Salud Mental , 34 3 — Personality and Individual Differences. Journal of Adolescent Health.

LGBT Youth. Open Access Journal of Contraception. Obstetrics and Gynecology International. Family Court Review. Ecology and Society. The World Economic Forum. The American Journal of Family Therapy. School Psychology International. International Journal of Management Reviews. Applied Psychology. Academy of Management Journal. Journal of Organizational Behavior. Organization Science. Journal of Management Studies. Journal of Product Innovation Management. Human Relations. Social foundations of thought and action: A social cognitive theory. London and Bristol. British Council.

Cogent Education. Malden, MA: Polity Press. Ungar ed. Hall Eds. Donald, A. Louw eds. Resilience in African American children and adolescents: A vision for optimal development. Washington, DC: Author. Nurturing hidden resilience in troubled youth. Child Development.

Journeys from childhood to midlife: Risk, resiliency, and recovery. Categories : Life skills Motivation Psychological adjustment Psychological theories Self-sustainability. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When there is a loss, those who are already poor and vulnerable may end up in debt or without food, leaving them even more vulnerable than before the investment.


In drought-affected areas, such as Babupur and Jamalpur, or in flood prone areas, such as Singpur, these systems are common. These sharing systems sometimes result in decreasing people livelihood resilience, and sometimes increase their ability to bounce back from natural hazards. I used to cultivate my own land and then I had to switch to share cropping.

Lately I have been fishing. I started fishing because our income was not good enough and I do not have the strength anymore to cut mud [do day labour]. If I manage to catch at least 50 fish [a day], then I can buy the essential things I need. Are you not going to include us in your business? If you want to do business alone we will see how well you will manage to continue the business [Male , Dalbanga South, italic mine, They tied him up with ropes, hands and feet, so he could not move and then they started beating him up.

They used wooden sticks and took turns to beat him up until he was unconsciousness. Then they spit paan [betel leaf with areca nut sometimes chewed with tobacco] on him and told him to leave and stop occupying land that did not belong to him.

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If it was not for a man passing by, finding him half dead in the water and bringing him back home to us. He would have died Female , Mazer Char, The informant is referring to her father who was beaten up badly, because the family was living on land that was not theirs. As a result, her father lost function in his hand and arm. The conflict was a shock to their livelihood security, since the father was no longer able to work and provide for his family.

You never know for sure when it comes to fishing. What is illegal? Some military men come here to hunt deer. That is completely prohibited. The police joined them too. They are the people who are supposed to protect the law and they hunt deer. So please tell me what is illegal and not [Female , Gabtola, We go to the Sundarbans not because of greed but to support our stomachs.

If we do not go there then what should we do to feed our families? It is not an easy job to cut wood in the Sundarbans, it is hard work [Male , Gabtola, I think it was a good decision to invest in a harvest machine. When Aila struck we did not really face any severe loss of lives, but the crop fields got completely destroyed due to the saline water. Even today, we still can not really cultivate large amounts of our fields since the land still has not recovered its productivity [Female , Gabtola, When people are unable to cope and adapt locally, temporary, seasonal or permanent migration is another option Black et al.

Migration, in the search for livelihood opportunities elsewhere, can be an escape from a temporary or permanent failure of a livelihood system. I went to Sylhet to cut wood in a saw factory. I go there every year for 2—3 months. Now she is earning — taka a month [Male , Gabtola, I usually go to Dhaka when there is no work to do here.

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After [Bengali month] Magh the crops are harvested so there is no work for us. That is why we go to Dhaka in [Bengali month] Falgun and spend the whole month there. We go to Dhaka to work as day labors [Male , Jamalpur, I went there because we did not have any money left in our family to survive. I could not continue living there [Bhola Island] after my parents passed away. We had already lost most of our land to riverbank erosion and our house was located very close to the river.

Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen - Die Zauberflöte, K. 620 (

We had no other option than to come here. That is why we moved to Dhaka [Male , Bhola Slum, When there is no work on the fields, they [my sons] normally go to Dhaka. So to make a decent living we have to go to Dhaka. We thought of going to Dhaka for the first time when we saw others doing so. Other villagers and people from other villages went to Dhaka to work for a better living so we thought, why are we sitting here [during the dry season] and doing nothing [Female , Jamalpur, I usually go to Dhaka during the rainy season because then we do not have anything to do in our village. If I go to Dhaka to work, it helps my family to survive [Male , Singpur, My husband can not work properly as he had an accident.

While cutting mud on a hill he was struck by a sudden landslide. There was a pipe inside the hill and it broke creating a landslide and he fell down in a hole got buried. The other workers removed the mud and managed to save him. They took my husband to the hospital. Now when trying to work he faces a lot of problems. He has pain coming from two sides of his belly and sometimes when he coughs, blood comes out of his mouth [Female , Bhola Slum, Carrying bricks is not the nicest job.

It is hard and it breaks you down. I know that you must think that I am older than 35, but I am not. I am quite young. It is the effect of the hard work [Female , Singpur, Many people from this village went to Alliganj after losing everything [previous crop failure].

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They went to Alliganj because anybody can get work there. Your whole family can work there which is impossible here. Though they have to work hard in Alliganj, which makes them forget about their [additional] family back here [Male , Singpur, I came to this place because my father had a lot of property on Bhola Island, but with the riverbank erosion everything went under water. Even some trollers and launches [boats] used to depart from here. After that we filled up the water with garbage, to create land where there was water.

Our house was quite far from the river so I never thought that the river would get that close so fast.